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Spylamp2, Bike Tracker, The Best Bike Tracker

Product Description


The SpyLamp2 is a bike GPS tracking device that is hidden inside a red reflector. The red reflector attaches to the bike behind the bike seat. The bike GPS device has two functions: 1.) it alerts cars of your presence just as any good reflector would and 2.) it will allow you to pinpoint the location of your bicycle should it be lost or stolen. All you’ve got to do is go onto your phone and see where your bike is on the map. It’ll pinpoint a precise location. Once you know where it is and you’re sure it’s not on the move again, it’s up to you how you want to go get it. The bike GPS tracking device can’t magically return your bike to your home, unfortunately. But if you feel like you wouldn’t be endangering yourself, you can try to go get it. Sometimes having a law enforcement officer present in the event your bike was stolen can be a good idea. Your bicycle isn’t worth your life after all!

Additional Information
Quad Band GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS Position Accuracy: 5 m – 25 m
Hot Start: 1 second, average
Cold Start 36 seconds, average
Fallback GSM Position: approximately 200 m accuracy
Dimensions (MM): 60 X 35 X 20
Voltage 3.7 V (Lithium Ion rechargable)
Average Current When Standby: <17 microamp
Frequently Asked Questions
How are you notified that your bike is on the move? You will be notified by SMS text message.
Where can you track to see where your bike is located? Online for free, right here.
Will bike thieves know how to spot the covert device? The GPS/GSM tracking technology is inconspicuously hidden inside a red tail light. This tail light appears ordinary. But it’s not!
Before you put the product to use, do you need to do anything else? Yes. You need to install a pay-as-you-go SIM from the country where you live. The tracking service is free and it doesn’t send an SMS text message each time that it uploads. Tracking with the SIM card is very cheap as it only requires a small amount of data. Just purchase a pay-as-you-go SIM card and add money to it on occasion (you won’t have to very often at all).
How does the product work? Upon locking up your bike, hold on on/off button on the tracker down for 3 seconds. After you do this, if the bike should move, you’ll receive an SMS text alert. The position of the bike will then be tracked and you can pinpoint its location by going on the tracking site.
What if the bike thief brings my bike into a building where GPS technology doesn’t work? SpyLamp2 is equipped with GSM technology in this case. It’s not as accurate as GPS technology but it’ll give you a good idea where your bike is in the meantime.
What’s the battery life like on SpyLamp2? The tracker has a rechargable Lithium battery and you’ll be sent a charger. It can absolutely go months in between charges provided that you turn the device off when not in use.
What kinds of seat posts does SpyLamp2 work on? The device comes with two distinct seat post clamp sizes: 27.2 standard mm seat posts and a larger clamp with an adjustable rubber strap.
Can’t someone just take off the reflector? The vast majority of thieves wouldn’t know that there is hidden GPS/GSM technology inside the tail light. The covert device is also attached with a special security screw.


Additional Information

Dimensions 2.3622 x 1.37795 x 0.984252 in