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Torch T1 Bike Helmet


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Torch Bike Helmet, Reflective Bike Helmet, Bike Helmet with LED Lights

Product Description


The Torch T1 Bike Helmet is by far and away the coolest bike helmet on the market. That so-called invisible helmet that we’ve written about extensively (the airbag helmet) doesn’t hold a candle to the Torch T1. The Torch T1 Bike Helmet comes equipped with a front and rear LED light that are operated independently. With a dial-adjust fit system, you won’t find a bike helmet that fits you better. The LED lights beam through polycarbonate lenses in both the front and back of the helmet, making you visible in the night’s sky from 360 degrees. In this way, the LED lights are also protected from debris as well as water.

Please note: This item is not yet available but we expect to begin selling it in mid-April 2014.

Additional Information
Weight:  Approximately 13 oz
Available Sizes:  54-61 cm (indicate size upon payment)
Certification:  Certified as CPSC, the current requirement for bicycle helmets in the U.S.
Front LED Light:  Emits 50 Lumens (not enough for a headlight but enough to be seen)
Color:  Midnight Black