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RearViz Bike Mirror


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Product Description


The RearViz Classic Blue Long Armband Bike Mirror is a bike mirror that goes on your arm. You know those dorky cyclists who attach a bike mirror to their helmets? You don’t have to look like them. Plus your mirror will be even safer than theirs. Why’s that? Because your mirror goes on your upper arm and when you’re cycling, your arm is actually your widest part. With a bike mirror on your widest part, you’re maximizing your rearward vision. The bike mirror is fully adjustable and it’s designed for the avid as well as casual cyclist — exactly the kind of product we love to sell here at The Bike GPS. It’s a large, convex mirror so you have great peripheral vision with a  perforated, black armband for comfort and enhanced breathability.

Additional Information
Weight:  85 grams
Washable?:  Yes, with warm water and liquid soap
Waterproof?:  Yes, for short uses though it’s not recommended for constant use in water.
Armband Length:  The Long armband is ideal for the upper arm / bicep, and the length adjusts between 230mm and 360mm.
Color:  Blue with black armband