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Quad Lock iPhone Bike Mount Kit



Product Description


The Quad Lock® Bike Mount Kit – iPhone 5 is the absolute strongest as well as lightest iPhone 5 bike mount you’ll find anywhere. Designed by Chris Peters and Rob Ward and funded through a Kickstarter campaign, this product allows you to securely mount your iPhone 5 to your bicycle handlebar. Or your car. Or your wall. All you’ve got to do is twist…just like the song. When you purchase the Quad Lock® Bike Mount Kit – iPhone 5, you’ll receive 1 Bike Mount PRO (including all mounting hardware), 1 case for the iPhone 5, and 1 poncho (a weather resistant cover for the phone).

When you’re out biking, you shouldn’t have to dig through a backpack or your back pouch if you feel a vibration coming from your iPhone 5. It’s not convenient. And it’s not safe. You also shouldn’t have to purchase a directional GPS as you can just use Google Maps on your iPhone 5 now that your iPhone 5 is resting securely on your handlebar. It solves a number of problems instantaneously, it looks really cool, and it’s super easy to install since all it requires that you do is press, twist, and you’re on your way. The installation takes seconds with the o-rings we supply. And should you wish to use your iPhone 5 on another bike, it’s very easy to take the Quad Lock® Bike Mount Kit – iPhone 5 off of one bike and put it onto another.

Additional Information
Case Weight:  16.6 grams
Bike Mount Weight (with o-rings):  20.5 grams
Total Weight:  37.1 grams