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The InterLock™


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Product Description


The InterLock™ is a revolutionary bike lock created by Adrian Solgaard Janzen that hides inside the seat post of your bicycle. It’s a universal bike lock that can be installed on just about any bicycle. Even if the seat post is removed, your bike will still be locked up, safe and sound. With a long enough cable (two twenty-inch cables) that can run all the way through the frame, rear wheel, and around what you’re locking the bike to, The InterLock™ is the next big thing in bike locks. It doesn’t get in the way of your feet when you pedal. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your lock at home. You don’t have to debate whether or not you should bother to take your lock. And you’ll be able to make last minute stops at the local deli — which you can’t do if you didn’t feel like bringing your lock because it’s bulky and gets in the way of your ride. The InterLock™ comes with two keys and when fellow cyclists see it, they’ll think it’s not only really cool…it’s also really useful.

Additional Information
Cables: 8 mm braided steel cable
Tensile Strength: 400 kg
Total Weight: 1.5 lbs (including the lock and seatpost)
Frequently Asked Questions
What if a bike thief takes my bike post off while it’s locked up? Simply run the cable through the bike’s frame when locking it up. The bike will thus remain secured even if the thief takes off the bike post.
What size seat post do I choose? You will be prompted for your seat post size upon pre-ordering. 27.2 mm is the standard size for road bikes.

Additional Information

Weight 24 oz