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Defender Bike Light™: Chrome



Product Description


The Defender Bike Light™ is the world’s first theft-resistant bike light, created by Slava Menn and Brad Geswein of Cambridge, Massachusetts. When the MIT duo’s friend was hit by a car because he didn’t have a bike light on his bicycle, they discovered that most people ride without bike lights because they were either lost, stolen, or forgotten. The Defender Bike Light™, available in both stealth black and chrome, is the solution to this problem. Too many bikers ride without bike lights. It’s dangerous and the practice needs to end. The Defender Bike Light™ goes right on the handlebar and it’s the coolest-looking bike light on the market. With its light-weight aluminum body that doesn’t rust regardless of conditions, The Defender Bike Light™ takes huge risk out of biking and thereby makes this world a safer place for cyclists.

Additional Information
Weight: 232 grams
Dimensions (MM): 10 X 42 X 80
Handlebar Sizes (MM): 22 to 32
Batteries: 3 AA (included)
Battery Life: 50 hours steady, 100 hours flashing
Beam: 30° spread, 80° periphery hotspot
Brightness: 50 Lumen
Power: 1 Watt

Additional Information

Weight 8.18356 oz
Dimensions 0.393701 x 1.65354 x 3.14961 in