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BioLogic PostPump™ Seatpost


Bike Seatpost and Pump, Pump Seatpost, Bicycle Pump in Seatpost

Product Description


Ever been stranded in the middle of nowhere with a tire low on air wishing that you had brought along a bike pump? Wish no more for with the BioLogic PostPump™ Seatpost, you’ll never forget bringing your bike pump along for your ride. The BioLogic PostPump™ Seatpost, after all, is a seat post and a floor pump all in one. Hidden inside the seat post is the pump mechanism. The seatpost is in fact the outer wall of the pump. And you’ll reach the 100 psi level in half the number of pumps as the finest mini bike pumps on the market. You literally press the saddle to pump. Save your workout for the ride — not for the pumping! Nobody would even know that you have a bike bump hidden inside your bicycle. It’s stealth like that…and so, in line with many of our products, it’s difficult for thieves to steal. Who can steal something they don’t even know exists, right?

Additional Information
Color:  Silver
Weight:  718 g
Dimensions:  33.9 x 580 mm
Includes:  Integrated flip-to-fit Presta/Schrader valve adapter
Disclaimer:  Only fits folding bikes with seatpost size 33.9 mm