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The Bike GPS mourns the loss of Robin Williams, a fierce cycling advocate and an avid cyclist himself.

The Bike GPS mourns the death of one of cycling’s greatest advocates, Robin Williams. While Williams may have been better known as the most gifted comedian of our day, he was also a fierce advocate for the sport of cycling and a regular on his bike on the roads of Marin. If Jay Leno is the car guy, Robin Williams was the bike guy. The man owned hundreds of bicycles.

As Conan O’Brien shared on his late-night show, when he was going through that rough patch on “The Tonight Show,” Robin Williams had a bike delivered to his home. It wasn’t an ordinary bike. It was a crazy, colorful bike. And, as Conan said, that’s exactly the kind of thing Robin would do. As we’ve come to learn, biking made Robin feel good. It cheered him up. It relaxed him. Biking was how he found peace in his lifetime.

The Bike GPS salutes Robin Williams, one of the greatest champions for the sport of cycling and an avid cyclist himself for his many contributions to our sport. We thank him for supporting local bike shops. We thank him for offering money to keep the doors of local bike shops open. We thank him for his friendships with those in the cycling community. The world of cycling has lost a wonderful and most unique voice for our sport. We had the chance to briefly meet him once in Beverly Hills at Bouchon. His bicycle was perched next to his table.