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We’re stoked to see these new bright green bike lanes in Santa Monica.

As you may know from reading The Bike GPS’ cycling blog, we stood firmly against the Hollywood unions when a few months back they tried to do away with the bright green bike lanes covering a 1.5-mile stretch on Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles. These unions — including SAG-AFTRA, Teamsters Local 399, IATSE, and the MPAA — argued that the bright green bike lanes ruined their shoots because they made it difficult for Downtown LA to mimic New York City. If they want to make their productions look like they take place in New York City, we suggested they go to New York City. Governor Andrew Cuomo has offered some great tax incentives while California waits for Governor Jerry Brown to reach a verdict on the same.

Ultimately, the powerful Hollywood unions reached a compromise with the City of LA and the bright green bike lanes in DTLA were repainted with less paint a duller shade of green. While the compromise seemed a fair one, one could argue that the first cycling death to occur in Downtown LA is — at least in part — attributable to these Hollywood unions who have made cycling downtown less safe to serve their own self-interests. Studies have shown that bright green bike lanes are the safest for cyclists. It makes them most visible to drivers of motor vehicles, especially at night. Why endanger lives in the name of Hollywood productions? It doesn’t make much sense to us.

If you’re a resident of Santa Monica, you may have noticed the new stretches of bright green bike lanes being installed over these last few days all across the city. These Santa Monica bike lanes — without question — make cycling safer in one of the best places to bike in America. Let’s hope that the folks installing the bike lanes won’t have to redo them all in a few months should the Hollywood unions start causing a stir. It’s not like Santa Monica looks like South Street Seaport anyway.

Thank you to the City of Santa Monica for making cycling safer for all!