Know bike laws! We came across an awesome video made by a New York City cyclist that we wanted to share with our loyal readers. If you’re one of the over 13 million folks who’ve already seen this video, we’re sorry we were a little bit behind in coming across it. We pride ourselves in our timeliness. But not in this case! In any event, in the video, New York City cyclist Casey Neistat is given a ticket for cycling outside of a designated bike lane. Which we at The Bike GPS would like to point out is absolutely not illegal in the five boroughs of New York City. Every lane is a bike lane in New York City! Just because a lane is designated a bike lane doesn’t mean a cyclist can’t bike in a non-bike lane if, for instance, the bike lane is obstructed.

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The Bike GPS salutes Casey Neistat for being a voice for cyclists everywhere. What a stud.

While we at The Bike GPS have great respect for New York City police officers, having lifeguarded with many of their brave members at Jones Beach over the summer months, it frustrates us that a police officer would ticket someone for something that isn’t in any way illegal. Beyond the fact that the ticket was unwarranted, Neistat put together an incredible video — at great personal peril — to share with this police officer and indeed millions of others how it can at times be absolutely impossible to bike exclusively in bike lanes.

Watch as Neistat collides into parked taxis, garbage cans, and so much more. And, of course, watch as he collides into a police car obstructing the bike lane. One of our objectives at The Bike GPS is to advocate for cyclists and to let the world know about laws that protect cyclists. We’d like to salute the maker of this viral video, Casey Neistat, for being a champion of cyclists everywhere — for being our voice — at great personal risk to his body. He wasn’t even wearing a helmet!

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