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More students are biking to Santa Monica High School than ever before! We love that.

Every day is Bike It Day at Santa Monica High School! Santa Monica city officials are reporting that more students than ever before are choosing to go to and from Samohi via bicycle. With the City of Santa Monica becoming more and more bike friendly with the new bright green bike lanes on many thoroughfares, this comes as no surprise to us at The Bike GPS. Santa Monica is quickly establishing itself as one of the nation’s bike friendliest cities.

According to an article on biking in Santa Monica in “The Santa Monica Daily Press,” “Despite the rising interest, major City Council-approved bike-friendly improvements around the school are not yet complete. The Samohi connector is funded through an $880,000 Safe Routes to School Grant and a $100,000 City Hall match. Small sections of both Michigan Avenue and Seventh Street will become one-way traffic zones. A traffic signal and crosswalk will be added at the corner of Pico Boulevard and Seventh Street near the campus’ main entrance.”

We’re sure glad that Santa Monica is making these improvements not only for the students of Santa Monica High School but for all Santa Monica residents. Thank you to the Santa Monica City Council for your efforts in making Santa Monica a cycling destination! And, while you’re here, read about Santa Monica Bike Lanes.