Cycling and London Mayor, Mayor of London and Cyclists, Cycling and London Politician

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, makes our list of cycling’s biggest enemies. Shame on him for his moronic comments that dishonor our fallen cycling comrades (photo credit: johnhemming).

Shame on the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Shame on Johnson for saying that the deaths of five cyclists over the span of nine days in London means that cyclists need to obey the rules of the road. Of course they need to obey the rules of the road. Way to state the obvious. By stating such, though, he is implying that these five cyclists weren’t following the rules of the road. Does he have any evidence to support this point? He didn’t seem to present any in his statements to the public.

According to “The Guardian” in an article on the cycling deaths, he also said, “ ”There’s no amount of traffic engineering that we invest in that is going to save people’s lives.” Is he kidding? Of course traffic engineering can save peoples’ lives. Bike lanes save lives. Marketing to drivers of motor vehicles to be cautious of cyclists saves lives. This man is an utter joke. Is he serious? It gets worse. According to “The Guardian,” “Johnson said that, while there could be ‘no question of blame or finger-pointing’, cyclists had a duty to obey the laws of the road and heed signals.” Umm, Mr. Mayor, you’re the one who is doing all of the finger-pointing. What a politician. You’re the one who is blaming the deaths of these five cyclists on the cyclists. Did you ever think once to mention maybe the buses or cars that were involved in these most unfortunate accidents? We didn’t think so.

We rarely blast anyone on this cycling blog. Heck, we don’t even blast Lance Armstrong. We figure the man gets enough criticism elsewhere. But the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is moronic. Shame on him. May he soon be voted out of office. He is officially now an enemy of cyclists and we all know how powerful the cycling lobby can be! Shame on you, Boris Johnson.