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Citi Bike has already transformed transportation in New York City.

If you live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, it would be near impossible for you not to have noticed the recent introduction of Citi Bike. Because the New York City bike sharing program is everywhere. Literally. Walk by Columbus Circle and you’ll see a rack of blue Citi bikes. Walk by the Javits Center and you’l see another. And another. Overnight, Citi Bike has become as ubiquitous in the Big Apple as pretzel and hot dog stands. And that is something noteworthy.

We at The Bike GPS salute Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City of New York for this remarkable achievement long in the works but implemented seemingly overnight. With Citi Bike, New York City has changed the way people commute to work, home, and to paraphrase our Dartmouth SigEp fraternity brother, Dr. Seuss, “all the places they’ll go.” No longer will New York City residents have to take expensive cabs if they don’t want to ride the subway. All they have to do is pay the annual, 24-hour, or 7-day Citi Bike subscription, grab a bike, and ride it to their destination of choice. It’s that easy.

We’re hopeful that other major U.S. cities will follow the example of New York City and implement a transformative bike sharing program like Citi Bike. It will get people riding bikes — which is healthy as well as fun! It will decrease traffic — which is good for the environment and your sanity! It will lead to increased revenue for small businesses because people will be more willing to go out and about to shop when they have a cheap and easy way of getting there. And it will do so much more for the psyche of one of America’s finest cities.

Do you like the Citi Bike program? Do you think the bikes are ugly? We sure do think they’re ugly but, hey, you have to pick your battles, right? Anyhow, let us know your thoughts on the bike sharing program in New York City by posting below! We look forward to hearing from you.