Cycling to the Emmys, Emmy Cycling, Biking to Emmy Awards

Why not bike to the Emmys? Way to raise awareness for cycling in LA, Tom Smuts.

Thinking of biking to the Emmys? Why not! We came across this cute video featuring an Emmy-nominated writer from “Mad Men,” Tom Smuts. Smuts decided to bike to the Emmys and he did so in style — with a group of other cyclists. His purpose? To raise awareness that Los Angeles is a cycling city. He wants to increase the number of bike lanes and support the bike lanes that have already become a part of the city’s infrastructure. He made the following video with the support of the Los Angeles County Cycling Coalition. And take a look — he even wore a cycling hat on the red carpet…not to mention he carried his helmet! Very cool. Well done, Tom Smuts. And nice spread in “The Hollywood Reporter” for your cycling efforts. #CicLaEmmys!