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The Bike GPS salutes California Governor Jerry Brown for signing a bill that allows buses to transport more bicycles.

Bike racks on buses will soon have more room for bikes! The Bike GPS salutes California Governor Jerry Brown, who earned reelection tonight to serve a second straight terms as California’s chief executive. Interestingly, Governor Brown was first elected as governor forty years ago. This is is second go-around in this post. But we’re not saluting Governor Brown for his win. We’re saluting him because we believe Jerry Brown to be a fierce cycling advocate. We’ve now got the Three Feet for Safety Law in effect these days on California streets and, recently, Governor Brown signed a bill that allowed busses to have larger bike racks. This way, they can transport more bikes!

According to an article on bike racks on buses up on “Streets Blog LA,” “California transit agencies are now allowed greater use of bus-mounted bike racks that hold three bicycles. Governor Jerry Brown signed A.B. 2707 Tuesday, a bill authored Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park) to allow 40-foot-long buses to be equipped with folding bike racks that can carry up to three bikes. It was the first bill signed by the governor this year that’s on Streetsblog’s unofficial watch list of bills related to sustainable transportation. Current law restricts the length of vehicles equipped with bike racks on California roads to a maximum length of 40 feet. An exception was created for AC Transit in the Bay Area, after legislation was passed several years ago to allow the agency to exceed the length limit when it added three-bike racks to the front of its buses.”

We salute Governor Brown for making cycling easier on California streets with these new bike racks on buses. If bikers get tired while biking or if it gets dark, they now have room to put their bikes on bus bike racks. It’s green friendly. It’s safe. It’s the right thing to do. This is good for cyclists and it’s good for the State of California. Well done, Governor Brown. Well done.