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Beverly Hills homeowners are insane if they think this grass should remain “park land.” How selfish of them. This land could be used to keep cyclists safe. Shame on them (photo credit: “Curbed Los Angeles”).

Bicycling in  Beverly Hills is not safe and, if the homeowners have anything to do with it, will remain unsafe for years to come. If you’re not already aware, Beverly Hills homeowners oppose the implementation of bike lanes in Beverly Hills. And their reasons for opposing these bike lanes are, in the words of “Curbed Los Angeles,” absolutely “insane.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s no wonder the folks on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are totally nuts. These people are not rational thinkers. Allow us to elaborate, thanks to the great research conducted by “Curbed Los Angeles.”

For starters, take a look at the photo to the left. Beverly Hills homeowners are arguing that this land is important park land and must be preserved. Doesn’t it just look like it’s calling out for preservation? Please. That lame grass area could instead be used to keep cyclists safe on Santa Monica Blvd. but instead selfish homeowners are fighting to keep it intact. So their little dogs with more clothes than their owners can conduct their business there.

But that’s not all. Here are a few other insane reasons Beverly Hills homeowners are opposing bike lanes in their city, as reported by “Curbed Los Angeles”: “Bike lanes on heavily traffic-impacted streets create dangerous conditions. ‘There are so-called ‘White Paper’ analyses that argue just the opposite in theory. But would it offend your common sense to suggest that a bike lane on the north side of [Santa Monica Boulevard] would create an un-safe condition when motorists make right hand turns across the bike lane to proceed in a northern direction while traveling in the west bound lane?’ ‘Blind-spots’ for drivers on the rear right-side create a hazard for motorists and bicyclists when drivers make a right-turn. ‘New York City had in excess of four thousand bike related accidents/ deaths last year.’” And you wonder why people think Beverly Hills homeowners are out of touch. They’re not just out of touch. They’re certifiably insane. Insane. And worse — should a biker get injured or God forbid die within Beverly Hills — this blood is on their hands. Shame on the people of Beverly Hills. Shame on the Beverly Hills North Homeowners Association!

And, while you’re here, read about a great cycling advocate who we once saw eating lunch in Beverly Hills — at Bouchon. We know what this man would have thought about these crazy Beverly Hills homeowners. Nothing good.