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About the Bike GPS

The Bike GPS is a Venice, California-based company dedicated to selling bike accessories for the casual weekend bike rider as well as for competitive cyclists. The cutting-edge bike accessories that we sell include Spylamp2™, a red reflector that goes on the back of your bike seat. But it's not just any reflector that warns cars of your very existence -- it also has built-in GPS/GSM technology hidden inside the reflector. So when your bike is lost or stolen (as they so often are in the United States and around the world -- and we've got the data to back this up), you can track it down on your smartphone. This product is designed to help you recover your valued property by letting you know where in the world it is so that you can start riding again with a big smile on your face in short order. Read more >

A local Venice, California company
finding the best bike accessories
from every corner of the world.

Our Mission

Of course we want to see the bike accessories sold on The Bike GPS on every bicycle across the country and around the world. When the guy who talks too much during your bike group’s Saturday morning rides asks you where you found that awesome theft-resistant bike light, we’ll be mighty proud. We’ll also be proud when a thief thinks he got away with stealing your bike…only you find it a couple of hours later outside a coffee shop with the help of our GPS/GSM tracking technology and call the police. The thief being led away in handcuffs is the justice you wouldn’t have received without this device.

We bring the best and latest
bike accessories together in one place.

We only sell the best

Our bike accessories are from all over the world -- from the Netherlands to England to the United States to China. You'd be hard-pressed to find these products at a big box sporting good store or at your local bike shop. The bike accessories that we sell are unique and they keep bikers -- and their bikes -- safe. Safe from bike thieves and safe from car drivers that wouldn't otherwise see cyclists on the side of the road.

The bike accessories we sell are hip, yeah.
But they can also save lives.


The products sold by The Bike GPS have been used by all kinds of cyclists. From the occasional weekend bike rider with a bike that costs a few hundred dollars to the century rider and Ironman athlete with bikes ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to $12,000, we aim to make our products ubiquitous in the cycling community. When you drive by a cyclist with laser beam lights that trail behind a bike on a dark country road, that's a product sold by The Bike GPS. When you're at a cafe and see a cyclist go nuts when he realizes his bike isn't where he left it, if his next move is to get his phone to track the location of his bike, that too is a product sold by The Bike GPS. If you see the world's coolest bike headlight, it's a product sold by The Bike GPS. Same goes for the lock that hides inside your bike seat. Below are a couple of testimonials from purchasers of products sold by The Bike GPS.

Neil Putman, Ernst & Young

"On The Bike GPS website, I came across THE DEFENDER BIKE LIGHT, which is the sweetest bike light I've seen on the road. It doesn't weight much, it's theft-resistant, and it doesn't damage when it gets wet. Oh, and it really lights up the night's sky to an incredible degree. I will be looking to buy more products on The Bike GPS site. It's my new go-to for awesome bike accessories."

Drew Wenzel, Google

"I love going on long bike rides but don't like carrying a bike lock with me. Who wants to carry a bulky lock on their back? Or worse, attached to their bike frame where it can interfere with pedaling? With The InterLock™, I can grab a quick bite to eat without having to turn my head every thirty seconds to check on my bike. I don't have to remember to bring it. And it doesn't get in the way."

Noah Zandan, Quantified Impressions

"In the last few years, my bike has been stolen three times and two of the three times were when the bike was locked with a Kryptonite lock. One bike was only worth a couple of hundred dollars but two of the others were worth over $3,000. I'm excited to have SpyLamp2 on my bike as if and when it's stolen, I'll be able to track it down and get some justice."

Who We Are

Brian Taylor