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The Bike GPS is a bicycle accessories company that sells products you’ve always wanted for your bike but couldn’t previously find in your local bike shop. Our initial bicycle accessories are Spylamp2™, a bike GPS which is a reflector that has hidden GPS/GSM technology in it so you can track down your bike if it’s lost or stolen, The InterLock™, a bike lock that hides inside your bike seat so you never forget your lock again, The Defender Bike Light™, the world’s first theft-resistant bike light, the Quad Lock® iPhone5 Bike Mount Kit, the best iPhone5 bike mount on the market, and Clean Bottle, the finest and cleanest bike water bottle anywhere because it happens to open on two sides. READ MORE >

Stolen bikes on eBay are plentiful. And that is a major problem. The Bike GPS is committed to the fight against bike theft in America. And so we read with great interest a piece entitled “Piecing Together Clues to a Theft Drives Home How Tough It Is to Police the Online Marketplace” written by Reed […]

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Bicycling in  Beverly Hills is not safe and, if the homeowners have anything to do with it, will remain unsafe for years to come. If you’re not already aware, Beverly Hills homeowners oppose the implementation of bike lanes in Beverly Hills. And their reasons for opposing these bike lanes are, in the words of “Curbed […]

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